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Monday, May 16, 2011

Excerpts of an audio brainstorm 5/10/11

power up the power truck
they think i pulled out the thesaurus for the chorus
The Marlon Deans the Jimmy Brandos
Judge Ito eatin Fritos
concubines and constables
im such a connosieur
the Polish and the goats
the great
babbaloo Erykah Badu brain molecules
delusions of grandeur feel like im movin like Barry Sanders
electro conic ponic for
correcto chronic fur
honest manic piranha store
manic piranha war
and once they know your style ...
sniffin up petunias @ family reunions
met a bunch of kin
chewin on a bunch of chickenless fat
zappa chobba
apsa asparagus pappia labia
retribution is the sound
slurber dirk
this is the nervous shirt i wear when im nervous